Brexit and our land: Securing the future of Welsh farming

A valley and grassy slope with a lake in the middle 

Brexit has presented a unique opportunity to reinvent Agricultural Policy, and the Welsh Government is now consulting on how public money should be used to support land managers.

Most of Wales’s 20,750 miles of public rights of way cross agricultural land, which accounts for almost 90% of land use in Wales
Ramblers Cymru have long been campaigning for agricultural support payments to be linked to good quality public access.  We are pleased to see that our voice has been heard, and the Government is now proposing a Public Goods Scheme which recognises countryside access as an important public benefit. You can read about their plans.

We now want you to lend your support by adding your voice and letting Welsh Government know that walkers across the country would welcome this scheme and the benefits it could bring to our paths and access.

Please take a few minutes to write to Welsh government.

If you want any further information about Ramblers Cymru's response to the consultation, please email