Welsh local elections 2022

Walking the paths that criss-cross our communities and countryside brings us closer to nature, connects us to each other, and to the heritage of our local spaces. Exploring high quality nature-rich places improves our health and happiness and helps us relax and unwind.

But access to green space is unequal.

Ahead of the local elections on 5th May 2022, we’re calling on councils and councillors to make it easier for everyone to enjoy a walk in nature.

Nature rich walking routes boost our health and happiness

The joy of walking in nature is a simple, universal pleasure. It is proven to boost our physical and mental health. But, for millions of people, it’s still out of reach. 

Our research report in 2020 showed that 57% of respondents lived within five minutes of green spaces. But this figure fell to just 39% for people from an ethnic minority background.

There is also a wide gap between the richest and poorest in society. Our report showed that 46% of respondents on the lowest income had easy access to green space, compared with over 70% of those with the highest income levels.

How local councils can enable everyone to walk in nature

Our footpath network, green routes, and nature-rich spaces help everyone, everywhere to benefit from a walk in nature. But they are too often neglected. At a time of squeezed budgets, they offer local authorities a low-cost solution to many health, wellbeing and other issues we face today.

Councils should prioritise and improve the path network, and support the creation of better walking environments.

Our manifesto outlines what we are calling for ahead of the elections in May 2022.

Write to your local press

We're calling for councils and councillors to work with the Ramblers to support and enable everyone to walk in nature.

Support the campaign by writing to your local newspaper editors. We’ve developed a simple online action to share a letter with your local editor. All you need to do is enter your postcode and click to send the letter.