Family Walking Trails

Walking Families

Recently we have been working on a pilot project with some of the Valleys Discovery Gateways (see list of locations below) to encourage families to use the footpaths that run through the unique and diverse landscapes of the Valleys Regional Park. 

We would love it if you shared your favourite family walks telling us how and why they are special to you. Is it the view? Is it a memory? or is it the ice cream that you can buy on route that keeps bringing you back?  The Family Walking Trails that are chosen will be a published set of walks, designed and named after participating families. 

What are we looking for?

The walks can be long or short, linear or circular,  they can be just a walk or they can have stop offs on the way but they should be near to or have a link with one of the following Discovery Gateways:

  • Parc Slip Nature Reserve
  • Parc Bryn Bach
  • Bryngarw Country Park
  • Dare Valley Country Parc
  • Caerphillly Castle
  • Cwmcarn Forest
  • Blaenafon World Heritage Centre
  • Cyfarthfa Park
  • Ynysangharad War Memorial Parc
  • Clydach Vale Countryside Park

Please send a short description of your walk, where it starts and where it ends and join our Facebook Group

More Information

The Family Walking Trails are being developed within the Valleys Regional Park promoting the beauty of the landscape while strengthening the areas economy and has with thanks received funding from the Foundational Economy Challenge Fund and The People's Post Code Lottery. 

If you would like to know more about this project please contact us