Rossendale Ramblers Footpath Fixers

Keeping Rossendale’s footpaths well maintained

In the Ramblers recently released report into the value of our path network and who is missing out, Rossendale in the Irwell valley, Lancashire, was ranked the highest for having the longest length of public rights of way within 800m of people’s homes. 

But whilst Rossendale is rich in public paths, as in most areas of the country, the local Highways Authority only has enough resources to deal with high priority issues on major trails.   


Collaborating to improve paths 

In collaboration with other local volunteers, Rossendale Ramblers Footpath Fixers work hard to maintain and improve the local footpath network. With funding from Rossendale Rotary and other local organisations and individuals, the volunteers clear vegetation on paths, repair stiles, and replace stiles with gates to improve accessibility.  

In this example the Rossendale Ramblers Footpath Fixers rebuilt a collapsed stile. 


                    a broken wooden fence in a grassy area             a bench in a field  

                                      Before                                                After 



As reported in the Lancashire Telegraph, Sir Jake Berry, MP for Rossendale and Darwen, praised Rossendale Ramblers for their work: “Volunteer groups like Rossendale Ramblers do a sterling job helping to keep our local paths well maintained, so I’d like to add a huge thank you to everyone who contributes to keeping our local walks and trails accessible for as many people as possible.” 

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