Help us get access to nature for everyone, everywhere, everyday


We want nature to be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere, everyday

Nature is a simple, universal pleasure that should be available to everyone, everywhere. 

But it’s not.

As the country opens up again following Covid-19 restrictions, the UK Government is passing key legislation in England that will shape our access to nature for generations to come.

Join thousands of Ramblers supporters who believe everyone should be able to enjoy a walk in nature.  

The COVID-19 pandemic means walking in nature is more important than ever


Over the past 18 months, we’ve all discovered the value of walking, found new places to wander and got to know the walking routes near us.  Lockdown has made us more conscious than ever the importance to our health and wellbeing of being able to easily access green space, from local parks to the wider countryside.


Yet not everyone lives close to green space. Only 57% of GB adults questioned for our recent report said that they lived within five minutes’ walk of green space, be it a local park, nearby field or canal path.


We also know that our most deprived communities are even less likely to have green space close to home. They’re also more likely to live outside the catchment area of nationally important green space, like our National Parks.


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Everyone should have easy access to nature no matter where you live or your walk of life.  

We’re calling on the Government to make connecting people with nature a priority and to invest in the infrastructure that enables everyone to enjoy walking in nature. 

How we’re improving access to nature

The Government has committed in its own 25 Year Environment Plan to connect more people to nature. With key legislation making its way through Parliament, now is the perfect opportunity to start fulfilling that promise. Here’s some of the ways in which we’ve been working to hold the Government to account on their commitments.

Environmental Land Management

The government has announced new farm payment schemes, once in a generation reforms to the agricultural sector. However, so far they don't live up to promises to improve access to the countryside.

Couple on path

The grass isn't greener for everyone

Our report, 'The grass isn't greener for everyone: why access to green space matters', outlines the disparity between those who have easy access to green space and those who don’t.

Environment Bill

Environment Bill: Improving Engagement With Nature

The Environment Bill gives an opportunity to improve access to nature, connect us to the natural world and create great places to walk. We’re working to make this happen.

Green Routes

We want every town and city in England to have a network of green routes so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of walking and being in nature.

Planning Bill

The UK Government are passing legislation to reform England’s planning system. We are working to put people and nature at the heart of the proposals.

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