London mayoral candidates' plans for walkers

Love London Walk London. Boot print with image of London inside

The London Mayor has major powers for travel, planning, public health and the environment - so if you walk in London, you’ll want to know what the next Mayor is planning.

We've analysed the main party manifestos to find out what's in them for walkers. Londoners will pick the next Mayor on 5th May.

For several months, hundreds of you have contacted manifesto writers, emailed your candidates, invited them on walks, contacted mayoral hopefuls, handed out flyers and spoken to fellow walkers. Love London Walk London campaigners are calling on the next Mayor of London to:

  1. Employ a walking ambassador to promote London as a world class walking city for all.
  2. Champion the Thames Path and other routes to ensure they remain safe and open for all Londoners to walk.
  3. Ensure equality of access to our amazing parks and green spaces, so that everyone has a green space close to their home.