The Conservative Party

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Conservative mayoral manifesto

On walking and cycling

  • Open up access to the Thames for all Londoners, working with organisations like Natural England to create one joined-up Thames Path, running from Teddington to the sea.
  • Ensure that every Londoner lives within 10 minutes’ walk of a green space, and no more than 5 minutes as soon as is practically possible.
  • Work with residents and businesses to pedestrianise Oxford Street and evaluate whether Soho could be turned into a walkers’ zone.
  • Support new pedestrian and cycling bridges across London.
  • Work to support local green walkways such as the Peckham Coal Line.  
  • Look to support funding to improve high street improvement works, ensuring that creating a more walkable London is a priority for every TFL funded scheme, including pedestrianisation wherever possible, creating more “shared spaces” and working with landowners and business to create a more permeable city where courtyards and alleyways are opened up.  
  • Ramp up Boris’s cycling revolution Boris has committed £1billion to double the number of cyclists by 2026. I will protect and build on that legacy.
  • Integrate Boris Bikes into the TFL payment system, consult on extending the current Boris Bike system to Outer London Boroughs, continue to support the delivery of the Cycle Superhighway and Quietways scheme and require suitable HGVs to install a clear window panel in the passenger side door to improve driver visibility and cycle safety. 
  • Support plans to make London a ‘National Park City’, and will create a network of wildlife corridors for London’s bees, birds and bats
  • Protect the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land.
  • Guarantee that all major new developments add to the city’s stock of green space. And I will introduce an Urban Right to Roam to ensure everyone gets to enjoy them.
  • State an ambition to have as many trees as people in London.
  • Immediately fund 200 pocket parks and empower communities to ‘Adopt a Verge’ themselves.
  • Drive up air quality: with a new deal for cyclists, massive support for electric cars and an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone.