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The Green Party mayoral manifesto

On walking and cycling

  • Reinstate the road user hierarchy, putting pedestrians and those with disabilities at the top and private car travel at the bottom.
  • Ensure there are people-friendly streets projects in every London borough to support better local town and village centres, each borough to receive funding similar to current ‘mini-Hollands’; fully implement Healthy Streets and Lifetime Neighbourhoods principles in all aspects of London’s spatial and transport planning as well as funding for street play areas and ‘parklets’.
  • Work to treat dangerous and careless driving offences that kill and injure as seriously as violent crimes, seeking devolved powers to address this directly.
  • Complete TfL’s current cycling vision and superhighway plans, increase funding for major cycling projects and ensure safe junctions and segregated space; risk-assess regulated routes for HGVs to minimise danger on side roads and back streets; introduce rush-hour construction lorry ban, expand cycle hire schemes and cycle training in schools.
  • Support major walking and cycling infrastructure like the planned pedestrian/cycling bridge Rotherhithe–Canary Wharf; invest in new river crossings for people on bikes, on foot and on public transport.
  • Pedestrianise Oxford Street; bring in ‘car-free Sundays’; Install countdown signals at all major junctions and review traffic lights to ensure pedestrians and cyclists have enough time to cross.
  • Introduce 20mph default speed limit on all TfL roads, and properly enforce it with speed cameras
  • Update and improve London’s Transport Health Action Plan and ensure that safe and healthy travel is a key goal for all our transport plans
  • Introduce policies in new London Plan which will mean that publicly accessible open space must be governed by local authority byelaws and campaign for ‘the introduction of a “right to roam” similar to new laws in Scotland’.
  • Increase green space and vegetation, and plant 2 million trees by 2025.
  • Preserve London’s Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land protections in the next London Plan; support local communities in designating their valued open spaces and places for nature as Assets of Community Value (which gives them the right to bid when an asset comes up for sale); ensure no development leads to net loss of permeable land or water storage capacity.
  • Help boroughs identify opportunities to enhance ‘green’ and ‘blue’ infrastructure projects like wildlife corridors, including planting trees and protecting natural flood plains.
  • Clean up the air quality by: extend plans for new Ultra-Low Emission Zone; cancel road-building plans; ensure all planning applications are air-quality-neutral; develop more electric vehicle charging networks; monitor air pollution and properly publicise the data, and help improve public understanding of this issue; promote public and green transport.

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