The Labour Party

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The Labour Party mayoral manifesto 

On walking and cycling

  • Appoint a pedestrian champion at TfL, to lead on measures to make walking safer and easier across London.
  • Complete the Thames Path, working with boroughs, landowners and business to complete missing sections and protect access to what is already open.
  • Open up more walking routes around London, and work with local authorities and TfL to improve the London Loop and Capital Ring walks.
  • Encourage the roll-out of 20mph zones across the city by backing the '20’s Plenty For Us' campaign.
  • Work with Westminster Council, local businesses, Transport for London (TfL) and taxis, to pedestrianise Oxford Street. I will start by bringing back car-free days, and possibly weekends, before moving towards full pedestrianisation. Our eventual ambition should be turning one of the world’s most polluted streets into one of the world’s finest public spaces – a tree lined avenue from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch.
  • Revive plans to part-pedestrianise Parliament Square, and seek to integrate it into the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Prioritise the improvement of High Streets, squares and public spaces across the city - including outer London and inner London.
  • My aim is to make London a byword for cycling around the world – with a plan to make cycling and walking safer and easier in the capital. Including initiatives for safer junctions, continuing Cycle Superhighways, prioritise Quietways, increasing the proportion of TFLs budget spent on cycling, increasing the number of cycle parking spaces.
  • Introduce Cleaner Walking Routes to School, working with local councils to reduce congestion around schools as a means of protecting children from filthy air
  • Reduce street and pavement clutter on TfL Roads and support urban realm improvements across town centres.
  • Work to break down some of the city’s physical barriers, such as by backing the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf cycle and pedestrian bridge.
  • Develop a comprehensive public health strategy, focused around the promotion of active lifestyles, including sport, walking and cycling, to all Londoners, supporting those who want to shake off lifestyle risks such as drugs, smoking and alcohol, and tackling childhood obesity, including through challenging the spread of fast food shops in areas close to school.
  • Make London the first ‘National Park City’ – setting a long term target to make more than 50 per cent of our city green and ensure that all children have access to nature.
  • Use planning powers to prevent fracking within Greater London.
  • Oppose building on the Green Belt, which is even more important today than it was when it was created. 
  • Strengthen protections for open spaces within the London Plan, including playing fields, Metropolitan Open Land, and our Sites of Importance for Local Nature Conservation and nature reserves.
  • Protect wildlife and biodiversity by creating green corridors through the city.
  • Plant 2m trees.
  • Restore London’s air quality to legal and safe levels, with action to make travel greener, invest in electric and green energy, pedestrianise Oxford Street, consult on an Ultra Low Emissions Zone, protect the green belt.

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