The Liberal Democrat Party

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The Liberal Democrat Party mayoral manifest

On walking and cycling

  • Develop better pedestrian schemes and encourage the ‘growth of green walkway'.
  • Appoint a London ‘green infrastructure’ commissioner, accountable to the Mayor.
  • More 20mph zones and better enforcement.
  • Cut congestion on our roads to encourage cycling and improve safety.
  • Pedestrianise parts of central London, including Trafalgar Square to Oxford Street.
  • Better signage for pedestrians and declutter streets from excess signage and street furniture.
  • Develop a ‘summer streets’ scheme, temporarily pedestrianizing streets to encourage more people to walk in summer.
  • Improve pedestrian crossings which are unsafe for visually-impaired people.
  • Encourage walking through loyalty schemes using Oyster or smart phone technology.
  • Set up a GLA Parks Agency to improve and protect green space like Hampstead Heath and Crystal Palace.
  • Continue to support cycling through a rush-hour ban on HGVs, continued support for cycle superhighways, increase budget for cycling infrastructure by 3%, providing more training courses for people wishing to take up cycling, introducing more cycle lanes.
  • Protect school playing fields from being built over.
  • Oppose fracking within Greater London.
  • Work with the boroughs to plant 100,000 trees by 2020.
  • Establish a London Metropolitan Parks Festival to promote and regenerate one of London’s major parks every 4 years.
  • Clean up the air, including phasing out diesel vehicles, switching London’s buses and taxis to be fully electric and producing more green energy. 

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