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The Next Step

Poet and broadcaster, Ian McMillan, muses on urban walking in his poem written for our Paving the Way campaign.

Walking my eccentric version of the city

Jack Cornish, Ramblers Don’t Lose Your Way Project Manager, writes about how he’s paved his own way across London.

Natural neighbourhoods

It is vital that the Government’s 25 year plan to improve the environment must include ambitions for urban settings.

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award launches

We’ve launched our award to celebrate the places that put urban walkers first.

People walking in city

Building better places for walkers

At some point, we've all been put off walking because of the built environment. How can we persuade more people to walk for short journeys?


Hastings Old Town crowned Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood

Following the public vote, Hastings Old Town scooped the award.