Taking forward access in Wales


Over the summer, the Welsh Government consulted on changes to access legislation in Wales. Ramblers Cymru invited members and supporters to write in support of the positive proposals – such as an all-Wales digital definitive map, and more access to the coast – but also to challenge the suggestion that all footpaths should be automatically upgraded to bridleways.

2,500 people joined our campaign and sent a letter directly to Welsh Government - giving walkers a strong voice as the government consider their next steps. The Welsh Government received 16,000 responses overall and a summary of responses is expected in the New Year.

Since the consultation there has been a government reshuffle, with responsibility for environment and access issues falling to a new Minister, Hannah Blythyn. Ramblers Cymru will continue to represent the case for walkers  including to our new Minister, Assembly member and officials, and to work with other user groups through Outdoor Access Wales – an alliance Ramblers Cymru and BMC Cymru initiated to strengthen the sector’s voice in Wales.

"Wales for Walking" display stand at the Senedd

A 10 year vision for Wales

In a new 10 year vision, Ramblers Cymru maps out how Wales can be a happier, healthier nation where walking is at the heart of every community.