Walking Neighbourhoods 

Two women walking through a green outdoors space, chatting 

Imagine if the neighbourhoods where we live and work truly put walkers first. If everyone’s natural impulse whenever they set off on a journey was to walk, from doing the school run, to running errands and commuting every day, or visiting friends, getting fresh air and exploring the local area.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from walking outdoors, wherever they live and work.

By walking regularly, communities across Britain would become happier, healthier and better connected to each other. People could discover green spaces, explore new areas and take different journeys, deepening their ties to a local area and beyond.

We’re campaigning to ensure that the neighbourhoods in which we live and work are designed to encourage walking. That they are green, walkable and welcoming, leading to increased activity, and the health, social and economic benefits this brings to individuals and communities.

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award

Our annual award celebrating those places which have been designed to encourage walking and showcases innovative practice across the country.

Our favourite urban routes

Discover a new neighbourhood on foot with a Ramblers route.

A person walking on a paved urban scene, with shops and trees to the side

Our Charter for Walkable Neighbourhoods

Do you want our towns and cities to be walkable, green, and welcoming? Read our Charter calling on councillors to improve the urban environment for walkers.

A group of people gathered outside a library

Ramblers’ Walking Neighbourhood Champions

Have you made your urban neighbourhood more walkable, welcoming and green? Become one of the Ramblers’ Walking Neighbourhood Champions.

Walking my eccentric version of the city

"Gradually my routes spread further and further and I started to wonder how many streets I had walked and if it was possible to walk every street in London." Jack's quest to walk every road in London.