How to fundraise during lockdown

A man sitting on the floor, indoors, with a tent up and cardboard mountains visible

We know that traditional fundraising usually means being in close contact with friends and family for social events, collecting small change from bake sales at work and even having a sponsored walk. With restrictions on contact right now, here are some other ideas of how you can still fundraise for the Ramblers and have fun doing so. 

As a charity, we are incredibly grateful for however you can support our work and we will continue working hard to ensure that the green spaces that we all love to walk are still free and accessible for when the time comes to roam them again. 

An easy way to collect donations is via an online fundraising page so do be sure to create one if you haven’t already on or

If you need help and support with your fundraising, we are here to help, just email

Host a virtual social event 

You could have a fancy-dress theme and have a virtual disco/exercise class/stand up/open mic/karaoke. These apps and platforms can be useful Facebook/Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp

Organise an at home challenge or adventure

As part of our #RoamSweetHome campaign, we have a range of challenges and adventures that can be conquered from the comfort of your living room. 

Hold a sweepstake

Ask everyone to contribute £2/£3 and take a guess at how long it will take you to complete your challenge (50% of the proceeds go to the winner and 50% goes towards your target).

Run a raffle

You can do this online by filming yourself or a friend /relative picking out the winning ticket/s (maybe a loo roll top prize 😊 to keep things lighthearted).

eBay/online auction

Maybe spending more time at home could mean you uncover some items you might want to sell.

Matched funding

If you work, ask your employer if they would offer to match any fundraising you do.

Service offers 

Do you have any talents like painting/photography/accountancy/teaching that you could offer in exchange for a donation? 


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