Paths to Wellbeing in South East Wales

In South East Wales, we will be on the ground working with the people of Grosmont, Maindee and Six Bells Park to help put walking at the heart of their communities.

 Community Engagement event in Six Bells

Working with the Six Bells Community.

Rights of Way

Our Rights of Way infrastructure targets are seen by the communities as vital work which could transform access to walking in their areas. Our targets for South East Wales is to provide Rights of Way training to volunteers and landowners, and to install the following:

  • 30 mobility gates
  • 18 waymarker posts
  • 132 waymarks

Walking Routes, Access, and Art

This project will not only focus on upgrading existing walking routes, but it will also identify and develop new ones. 5 routes per community are going to be developed, with a total of 9 family friendly routes created in South East Wales.

We want to see walking at the heart of communities and want to encourage more people across Wales to get out walking. We will do this by providing more information and motivation with 1 new information board per community and 2 new benches per community created.

Bringing the groups in each area together is also going to be vital. We will work with them to create one art sculpture in South East Wales. The idea for which will be developed and designed by the communities themselves.

Conservation Goals per Region

Alongside the Wildlife Trusts Wales and Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales, a key part of the project will be working together to ensure each region is more biodiverse. Not only will the groups be making their community greener for nature to thrive, but it will be a great opportunity to bring the community together with activities for all ages and backgrounds to get involved in.

With activities such as tree planting, wildflower sowing and wildlife activity days, as well as annual surveys, we hope to hit the following targets in South East Wales:

  • 500 trees planted
  • 6kg of wildflower seed planted
  • 25 wildlife nesting boxes
  • 150m of fencing to protect our natural environments
  • 6 invasive species days
Do you live in one of the three communities? We're inviting you to come and get involved!

Get your hands dirty, learn new skills and work with us on the ground to help make your community greener and more accessible to all.

For more information on how you can support the project in your area, contact or