Endangered paths appeal

Paths are being blocked or obstructed by broken stiles, overgrowth, barbed wire and neglect.

With more than 10,000 paths in desperate need of repair, we need your help. Please give a gift today to help the Ramblers protect our endangered paths.

How your gift could support a Ramblers team:

  • £25 could pay for a First Aid kit
  • £50 could pay for a post hole driver to repair countryside signs, stiles and gates
  • £150 could go towards a grant for a Ramblers volunteer team with a specific project
  • £250 could pay for a new kissing gate and the tools to install it

Southstone Rock

One example of the great work Ramblers’ path maintenance team could do, with your support, is the footpath to Southstone Rock.

Southstone rock, a tall, towering rock formation began forming around 6,700 years ago by calcium deposited from local water. The rock is full of caves and crevices, and was once a retreat for hermits, pilgrims and monks. However, due to years of neglect, the path had become completely inaccessible.

Before the group started work, the path went up a very steep bank and was impossible to use. The only alternative route was not a right of way, and very muddy.

Worcester Ramblers path team saw an opportunity to improve the footpath and a total of 72 steps were installed: 67 steps up the steep and previously inaccessible bank and 5 steps at the other side of the valley. They also installed two way marking posts and the route and the bridge was made more accessible with anti-slip matting. 



Why we need your help

There are thousands of footpaths throughout Great Britain in urgent need of attention.

With your support, we can repair and restore more paths. Please make a donation today.

The Ramblers is the leading charity dedicated to protecting paths and public access. But we cannot continue our work without help from supporters like you. Please help the Ramblers re-open more of our glorious countryside.