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Every year, we handle over 50 legal cases, each threatening a footpath or access to open spaces. Your donation today could help us protect our endangered footpaths and right of access.

We have a long and successful history of fighting for walkers’ rights and ensuring access to our path network – but each success depends on funding. Please donate today and help protect our endangered paths and right of access. 

Please donate today and help protect our endangered paths and right of access

Andrews Case 

In the early 1990s, Ramblers member John Andrews applied for a public footpath in Suffolk to be added to the Definitive Map and Statement, using ‘Inclosure Acts’ for evidence. However, the local authority refused his application. 

The consequences of that ruling were far-reaching and serious because of the large number of still unrecorded footpaths and bridleways which were the subject of an apparently unlawful setting out procedure. And so John exercised his right of appeal to the Secretary of State. 

Over the following years, John and the team of experts, with support from the Ramblers, gathered together the research they needed to back a new appeal to the courts to overturn the original ruling. We took the case to the Court of Appeal and this time we were successful, with the three Appeal Court judges overruling the 2014 decision.

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The successful court appeal saved a historic public right of way that was being contested – but more significantly, it set a precedent for other cases, and has given us a fantastic new opportunity to save hundreds of miles of other threatened paths.

Every year, more public rights of way and right of access are threatened for all kinds of reasons. That’s why we now need your help to bring forward these cases to public inquiry and even court action, so we can ensure that your rights to walk historic paths are not lost.