Ramblers Summer Raffle 2015 - Prize Winners

Walking Holiday in Costa Barcelona - Summer Raffle Prize  

Our 2015 summer raffle has now closed. Thank you to everyone who had bought a ticket to support the Ramblers.

Are you a lucky winner? Check your name here:

1st Prize: Mrs F Carter (£5,000 cash prize)
2nd Prize: Mrs ML Chimes (Walking holiday for two with RWH)
3rd Prize: Mrs Coral Mist (£500 cash prize)
4th Prize: Mrs Sara Branch (£100 cash prize)

Runner up prize winners (winning cash prizes of £50):

  • Mr Noel Lewis
  • Mr Nicholas Frampton
  • Mr KW Windridge
  • Ms Gaynor Sey
  • Mr MC Brown
  • Ms Angela Wood
  • Mr Barry Fitzgerald
  • Mr Joe Dainty
  • Mr A Reed
  • Ms Cassie Sharman
  • Mr D Murray
  • Mrs P Cowden
  • Mrs MG Rawles
  • Mrs JS Lax
  • Mr B Sterland
  • Mr David Sherwood-Jones
  • Mrs Lucinda Armstrong
  • Mr J Rigby
  • Miss Diane Ingram
  • Mr A Agent

We’ll be contacting the lucky winners of Ramblers Summer Raffle by post.


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