Big Pathwatch full report

Woven into our landscape, the rights of way network represents a vital common asset, valued by millions but too often neglected.

Part of the Ramblers’ mission is to ensure that this network is accessible and well-maintained, in the city as much as in the countryside. To help us in this work, we undertook the Big Pathwatch: the largest ever survey of our rights of way, from footpath to bridleway to byway.

The Big Pathwatch represents the most detailed picture we’ve ever had of the condition of what is a valuable if neglected public asset, compiled by ordinary people up and down the country.

This report sets out that picture, the good as well as the bad, and draws some conclusions about why problems might occur and how we might begin the process of solving them.

Above you can read both the full and summary versions of our report.

You can also read a summary of the report specific to Wales in English and in Welsh.