Scottish Walk Leadership Project

Ramblers Scotland is using funding from sportscotland to help us recognise and build upon the talents of our Walk Leaders.

The project is part of a long-term plan to boost the training we offer to Walk Leaders, which in turn will help groups run more diverse and attractive walks programmes.

We are using the funding to:

  • Better understand our Walk Leaders in Scotland
  • Create a Walk Leadership Sounding Board to shape future training
  • Develop a basic Walk Leadership course for people who want to brush up their skills, or learn new ones
  • Support a new pool of experienced, enthusiastic walk leader mentors
  • To create a training framework all walk leaders can access

walk leaders

Why is this needed?

1,200 volunteers lead a wonderful range of Ramblers walks all over Scotland each year.

We know that some groups need more Walk Leaders to expand the range of walks they can offer. An internal evaluation in 2013 found groups need a diverse portfolio of walks to attract new members and maintain interest.

Thanks to this project, Walk Leaders in Scotland will get the chance to learn skills, build confidence and undertake training – for free!

What are we delivering?

Our Scottish Walk Leadership Sounding Board helps shape the future of our training. Learn more about the Walk Leadership Sounding Board here.

Together we are developing a framework that meets the needs of current and potential Walk Leaders.

This includes a platform for existing leaders to share their expertise, and train or mentor others.

And we are delivering free, quality and targeted training in convenient places and at times that suit our members’ busy lifestyles.