Confidence in your gear

Your walking kit will last longer if you look after it. Our guides can help it go further.

The most trustworthy walking gear keeps us warm when it’s cool, cool when it’s warm, and dry when it’s wet. But even the most technical items need love and attention to help maintain their performance over time. 

Before you splash out on new gear, read our guides to looking after your kit. 

With a little care, you’ll be able to enjoy your walking gear for years to come, reduce your environmental impact and save yourself some money too.

Person walking across rocky ground in boots

How to care for your walking boots

Save money and be more sustainable by following our guide to keeping your walking boots waterproof, clean and comfortable.

Three Ramblers, and a baby, walking in heavy rain

How to look after your waterproof kit

Our step-by-step guide to washing and reproofing your waterproof kit to keep you dry on even the wettest of British walks.

two walkers wearing waterproof jackets and walking boots surrounded by forestry

What to wear when walking

Our clothing guide will help you plan what to wear on a ramble.