National Walking Month: Reasons to love walking

It’s National Walking Month and we’re celebrating all the reasons we love to walk – from beautiful birdsong to path-side patter and after-adventure ales. Here are some our supporters and members have shared with us, along with some of our own.  

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1. Peace and quiet


2. Health
3. Wildlife
4. Stone circles

Whether you’re a first-time folklorist or weathered stone enthusiast, it can be exciting to spot circles from our ancient past. 

Find a stone circle walking route

5. There’s so much more to walking than the eyes can see


6. A chance to explore a new city  
7. It can put problems into perspective
8. The rain on your face makes you feel alive 
9. It's the ultimate stressbuster  


10. It helps us stay present 
11. Mountains
12. Street art 

Love the hustle and bustle of walking in an urban environment? We’ve pulled together a list of some of the best routes for street art and culture to help you discover some of creative gems of our towns and cities.  

Spot street art with these city routes 

13. Magical moss 


14. Exploring the local cuisine 

What’s not to love about a countryside stroll fuelled by delicious local produce?  

5 of Britain’s best foodie walks

15. A long hard walk makes even the most average sandwich taste unbelievable
16. Time with your nearest and dearest  


17. Adventure 
18. Bluebell season  

The bluebell season is short but magnificent. If you’re reading this in early May, you’ve no time to lose!  

Our top 10 bluebell walks

19. Having a good natter 
20. A brew with a view   


21. After-adventure ales 
22. Dog walking 
23. Entering the world of your favourite film or TV show 

If you’re looking for inspiration to get out walking, then tracing the steps of your favourite characters could be just the motivation you need! 

Find a walking route inspired by your favourite TV show

24. Birdsong
25. Catching up on your favourite podcasts
26. It's a mood lifter 


27. Sunrises and sunsets
28. Stepping through history
29. Sea air

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If you want to get out and find your own reasons during National Walking Month, we here to share some inspiration! Our friends at Cotswold Outdoors have sponsored 31 of our walking routes, which means they’re free to access throughout May.   

Find a free route for every day in May 

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