Find all the guidance you need to navigate a route.

Nothing beats that exhilarating feeling of being free to explore the outdoors. That’s why knowing where to walk and how to navigate is essential. 

There are so many different types of terrain to explore, from rising peaks to expansive fields. Navigation skills and knowing how to plan your route will help you go even further.  

Discover your inner rambler today. 

A beginner's guide to navigation

A beginner's guide to navigation

Embrace the spirit of adventure with our easy-to-follow video series teaching you everything you need to know about finding your way in the outdoors.

A group of people walking along a path among trees

Planning a walking route

Choosing the location and distance are just two important aspects of planning a walking route. Here is our guide to a well-planned walk.

Two female ramblers, looking at a map and pointing in the direction of travel

Our simple approach to navigating your walking route

Learning simple navigation skills will help build your confidence and reduce the chances of getting lost. Let us introduce you to the five Ds of navigation.

A close up of someone's hands holding a compass on a map

A beginners guide to using a compass

When it comes to walking in the countryside, a compass is the most accurate way of following a map. So here’s our beginner’s guide to using a compass.

Hands holding a compass

Walking navigation devices Buyer’s Guide

When striding out on less well-trodden routes, a navigation device can be a useful partner.  Here’s our guide to buying one that’s right for you. 

A man and woman referring to a phone and pointing

What is GPS and do I need it?

Technology can help us navigate when  out walking.  GPS systems and apps can be helpful so long as we know how to use them and understand their limitations.

man and woman map reading in a forest

How to read a map

Maps are simply a picture of the ground as seen from above. They are scaled down from life size and include symbols to show particular features and landmarks.

Silhouette of a person standing by a gate, at night, the night sky behind them

5 top tips on night navigation for beginners

Night time walking can be a great experience. But navigating at night requires extra skills. Read our top tips for fun and safe night navigation.