REACT Path Clearance - Coldrinnick

We will be finishing off one bridge and building another, putting up a gate and building steps. Note that there is almost no vegetation clearance this month.

We had a good day last month and cleared tree branches, erected a gate and were well on the way to completing a bridge. The weather was a bit damp and the mud where we had been tramping through became quite squelchy. Completion of the first bridge will bypass most of the mud but wellies may be preferable. It was very nice to see several faces new to REACT, some of whom had been waiting patiently for many months for us to take on another job in east Cornwall. It will be even better if you are also able to join us again this month!

This month it’s more of the same, completing last month’s bridge and building another, two short flights of steps to put in and another gate to go up.

General notes: Bring appropriate tools if you have them but essential tools will be supplied. No need to contact me in advance if you are coming, just turn up. Don’t feel obliged to stay for the whole day. If you could spare a couple of hours it would be much appreciated. Please bring a packed lunch and drinks. Please let others, particularly those without internet/email facilities, know about these projects. Most people enjoy our work days and have the satisfaction that they are making a small but significant contribution to improving Cornwall’s public path network.