Richmond Walking & Book Festival 2021

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We have a great selection of graded walks to choose from each day, you can embark on an ambitious climb one day and enjoy an historical stroll the next. Some of the talks may relate to the local area you're visiting and some may take you off in into completely different subjects.  There are also often more participatory events such as a Poetry Open Mic and Book Club discussions.

Richmond is on the edge of the northern Yorkshire Dales. It is very compact with shops, restaurants, accommodation, a Norman castle, the River Swale within walking distance and, of course, the Dales, very close by.

Easily accessible by road or rail, Richmond is just off the A1 at Scotch Corner and a bus ride from Darlington Railway Station on the East Coast mainline.

Please note - in the interests of other walkers, wildlife and livestock, dogs are not allowed on any festival walks.