Social: Archery Fun

Dorset 4050 Walkers are pleased to invite you to our next social event - an ARCHERY FUN DAY.

You don’t have to be Robin Hood, or even to have picked up a bow and arrow before - the aim is to have fun and a chance to socialise!


Saturday 16th July 2022

Time: 10:00 to 12:00 (or 13:00, see below)


Broadstone Middle School, Dunyeats Road, Broadstone BH18 8AE.


The price per person will depend on the number of people attending. Please contact Julia as soon as possible if you are interested in this event. We will update this page when we have a better idea of numbers.  

As a guide, if we have 10 people coming along, the cost per person will be £30. If we have 20 people coming along, the cost per person will be £15. These prices are for a 2 hour session. There is a possibility to extend to a 3 hour session if folks are keen, in which case the price per person would be £18.50 pp (for 20 attending) or £37 pp (for 10 people attending).  

In true Dorset 4050s tradition, there'll be an opportunity to take refreshments afterwards at a nearby hostellery. 

So, the important thing is to please get in touch with Julia ASAP to register your interest so that we can firm up numbers. Thank you!


There will be 5 targets (so 10 people can shoot at a time)

Safety briefing, choosing bows and arrows and protective gear, group tuition for barebow archery, mini competitions, balloon popping (subject to wind)

Targets, wooden take-down bows, aluminium arrows, and protective gears (armguard, finger guard) are all provided.