Stag Walkers Comedy Social - Flo & Joan at Dunstable Grove Theatre

Multi-award winning musical comedy duo (and sisters) Flo & Joan are climbing out of their pits, armed with a piano and percussion section to bring you a brand new show of their critically acclaimed songs and comedy.

Their unique, sharp-tongued style has taken them around the world with multiple sell-out tours and appearances at the Just For Laughs Festival Montreal and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Now they are back with their biggest ever UK national tour, poking around all the classic topics of the day: over-thinking, alien lovers and fringes.
This event is offered here as a social for Stag Walkers. Obviously it has nothing to do with walking, but we dont just walk - sometimes we socialise too! It is a public event so we are not imposing a limit on numbers - ticket availability will do that by itself.

Book your ticket here, starting at £17

There are no seats available in the circle but plenty in the stalls at this time. We cant guarantee that we all sit together but for reference your host has booked a seat in the middle of row G, so sit as near or as far away from there depending on how sociable you want to be!