Jazz Cruise

It's a 3 hour Maid of the Forth boat cruise, with a BBQ Ribeye Steak Supper included along with a 3 piece legendary Jazz band that have been playing for over 30 years on the boat (these guys really know how to get your feet tapping).  There is a bar on board selling regular beers, wine and spirits, along with the live music, it's sure to make it a very memorial evening.   The cost is £32 per ticket, for a top night.  I have been on this cruise 3 times and loved it every time.  There will be an option to do a short 3 to 4 mile walk beforehand along the beach, (I will put this walk on in the next month) or you can join us just at the Pier.  For now I would like to know who wants to go and I would need fully paid by the end of June (or you can pay the Maid of the Forth, it's all the same).  Can anyone wanting a ticket, let me know if they want to drive or not and I will be able to help organise cars).