Quick eight-step guide to find a walk

Our online walk finder enables you to find:

  • Organised group walks which you can join
  • Mapped routes you can walk independently
  • Events

Here’s how to use the walk finder:

1. Search

Use the search box to search by postcode or place name. When you start typing a placename, suggested places appear in a drop-down box: click to select the one you want.

The search will show results for a 25-mile (40 km) radius by default but you can change this.

You can also use an Ordnance Survey two letter-six figure grid reference but you must include the letters as well as the numbers.


2. Routes, group walks and events

 Group walks, events and routes
Each group walk, route or event is shown with a pin.

  • Orange pins show routes
  • Blue pins show group walks
  • Green pins show events

Each of these can be switched on and off. For example, if you only want to find group walks, click routes and events off.


3. Clusters

Circles with numbers show clusters. In the example highlighted, the blue circle indicates that there are 114 group walks in this area. Click on the circle to zoom in and see each individual group walk.


4. Map type

Map type
You can select the type of map you prefer. By default Open Streetmap will be shown. You can also switch to Bing or Ordnance Survey.

You’ll need to be a logged-in member to see OS Explorer and Landranger maps, otherwise if you select this option you’ll only see free OS maps. If you’re a member and don’t yet have an account please register.


5. Zoom or drag

 Zoom and drag
Use the + and – button to zoom in or out. Alternatively, zoom using your mouse scroll button; or expand using your fingers on a mobile. 

You can move the map to the right, left, up, or down - simply click and hold using your mouse and then drag the map. On a mobile device, simple swipe in the direction you want the map to move.


6. Filters

Use the filters to narrow your search. Filters turn green when selected.

The search defaults to showing walks in the next two months, but you can change this to any date you like. You can even search for past walks if you wish.

For obvious reasons, some fitlers only affect walks and events, and not routes (eg the date filter doesn't affect routes.)


7. Details

Click on a pin
Click on a pin to get a short summary of a group walk, route or event.

In the summary, click on the title to go to a full page overview.


8. Tabs

Map and list tabs
You can view your search results in a map, or as a list. Each tab view shows lists of either group walks, routes or events, based on your search criteria.


Need more help?

Just ask our membership team.