The Ramblers join The Great Get Together

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We know that walking with the Ramblers brings people together in local communities on a regular basis, promoting happiness and good wellbeing by connecting with others and getting outdoors.

Many members have developed lifelong friendships, and some have even met their partners whilst walking. So we’d love to encourage more people to experience the welcoming and supportive environment of our group walks.

That is why this year, the Ramblers has teamed up with the Jo Cox Foundation in support of The Great Get Together over the June 21-23 weekend.

The Great Get Together

The annual campaign is run by the Jo Cox Foundation in memory of the late MP’s belief that ‘we all have more in common than that which divides us’. It seeks to bridge division and remind communities of how much they have in common by staging a series of picnics, events and meetups.

At the Ramblers, we know our groups across the country bring people of all ages and backgrounds together, helping to combat loneliness and inspire new social connections that would not exist otherwise. 

The theme of this year’s Great Get Together is ‘Let’s Get Back Together’. It’s a chance for people across the country to reconnect with old friends, families, communities and groups, and comes at a time when it’s needed most of all. Studies have repeatedly shown that Britain is more divided today than at any time since Jo’s death.

So we’d love to invite you to be a part of the campaign with us.

How you can get involved

Join a Ramblers Great Get Together Walk

To support the campaign, a number of Ramblers groups have arranged special Great Get Together walks and anyone can join them. They’d love to welcome you along!

Put on a themed walk with your Ramblers group 

Do you have a group walk planned 21-23 June? We’ve got a limited number of free physical packs of resources to use on Ramblers walks for a picnic or tea break, including gingham tablecloths and bunting. If you’d like one to take along on your walk, please email We’d love to hear from you.

Organise a Great Get Together Fundraising event in aid of the Ramblers

This is a great opportunity for you to organise a community fundraising event in aid of the Ramblers. Everything we do is to enable more people to benefit from being outdoors on foot. Your support will help ensure that our work promoting walking, connecting people and helping them discover the benefits of walking will continue far into the future.

We’ve created a Great Get Together fundraising toolkit that you can use. For any questions or ideas, email We would love to hear about your event!

Create your own fundraising page.

Download the toolkit now

Cover of Ramblers Great Get Together Fundraising Guide

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Show your support on social media

Share stories and photos with us on Twitter about how walking with the Ramblers has helped you connect to others. Don’t forget to use these so that we can share your posts. @RamblersGB @great_together #Moreincommon

Have you met new people and made friends whilst on a Ramblers walk?

Share your story with us. Email

Fancy organising your own Great Get Together?

Download our fundraising guide here to get you started.