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How do I know where to meet the group?

Each walk has details of where to meet, including a start grid reference.  We also put the nearest post code to the start of the walk.  If you have any trouble locating the start point, contact the group in advance and they will be happy to help you.  We always leave at the appointed time so it is advisable to arrive in good time.
In the event of bad weather, walkers are advised to phone the leader before setting out to ensure that the walk has not been cancelled.

Can I try the group out before joining?

You are very welcome to come on two or three walks with us before deciding to join the Ramblers Association.  Just turn up at the meeting point and introduce yourself to the walk leader who will look after you. 

How far will the walk be?

The length of each walk is in the programme.  If you are not a regular walker it is probably sensible to start with one of the shorter walks and build up your stamina.

What clothing and equipment do I need?

We recommend you wear stout shoes or boots.  Some people prefer trainers to walk in, but they may not be suitable for walking along muddy paths.  The secret to enjoying walking is being comfortable.
Please note that although denim jeans may be comfortable they are one of the worst things to wear when it’s wet, as they get cold and heavy and do not dry quickly! 
It is a good idea to have waterproofs, a hat and a drink with you and in the summer carry some sun protection.
Also, if you want to visit a pub at lunchtime, remember that most country pubs don't like serving people with muddy boots.  If you don't wish to remove your boots for the pub it is a good idea to carry boot covers with you e.g. a couple of supermarket bags.

Do I need to bring food with me?

The walk information will state if we are having a picnic or pub lunch, but we usually stop for 15 mins for a coffee and snack break so bring along a drink and a snack if you wish.

Can I walk with other groups and still be a member of my group?

Yes.  Members can walk with any Ramblers group at any time. 

Do I need to bring a map with me?

No. The walk leader will have the necessary maps(s). You can of course bring along one if you wish.

How do I join?

You can join our group by asking our secretary for an application form, or you can join on line by going to the Become a Member page of the Ramblers Association website and following the instructions.  Whichever method you use, remember to put Windsor and District in the box labelled group.  In addition to the led walks, membership also has other benefits, including the quarterly Walk magazine and a 15% discretionary discount in Cotswold Outdoor.

Are dogs allowed on walks?

Some walks are not suitable for dogs, please check with the Leader before bringing one. 
When permitted, dogs must be under control and put on a short lead at the request of the Leader.

Get involved

The group is run by volunteers.  All walks are led by members of the group.  We encourage members to get involved so you too can lead a walk or organise a social event.  We are always looking for new ideas for walks and socials, so feel free to give us some suggestions.

What types of walks are there?

Our volunteers organise a range of group led walks, from all-day walks with breaks for a picnic or pub lunch, to half-day and shorter walks.  A large number of our walks are at weekends but there are also weekday walks, and evening walks in the summer.  Most of our walks are Easy or Leisurely.

Please take time to look at the way our walks are graded so that you can choose a walk that suits you.

Walk grades are provided as a general guide only.  If you have any doubt about your fitness for a particular walk please phone the leader in advance.  Please bear in mind the distance of the walk, differences in terrain and the possibility of bad weather, which can make a walk more difficult than planned

(E) Easy – walks for anyone who does not have a mobility difficulty, a specific health problem or is seriously unfit.  Maybe suitable for pushchairs if they can be lifted over occasional obstructions. Walks will be mostly along easy paths, with perhaps a few gentle climbs and at a slow pace.

(L) Leisurely – walks for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience.  May include unsurfaced rural paths and bridleways that may be narrow, uneven, muddy or overgrown and with obstructions such as stiles. The walks will be taken at a leisurely pace and may include some hills with a few ascents and descents.

(M) Moderate – walks for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness.  The terrain is as leisurely but may include some sustained climbs on steep paths, open hillsides or moorland. The pace is moderate at around 2 miles an hour including stops.

(S) Strenuous – walks for experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level.  Often includes hills and walking over rough country. Very likely to be longer and the pace can be moderate or brisk. Walks over 11 miles could be graded as strenuous, because of the distance and may be taken over moderate terrain and at a moderate pace.