AGM 2021

Thank you to everyone attending today, well done to John who is having a knee replacement operation on the 26th which is his very special birthday present because he’ll be spending his 80th Birthday in hospital.  Thanks to Steve and Mary for the morning walk. 

Well Camel group are ticking along nicely. Our Membership is creeping up, we’ve got money in the bank, and have put on a variety of walks this year but like other groups we would quite like some more walk leaders; it’s the same in the West Midlands we were told when we were joined on a walk by a couple who walk with, and lead, for two groups in that area.  But we’re not back to ‘normal’ yet so our one-off walks (Fish & Chip, Cream Tea, Christmas Cake) aren’t yet back on the schedule.  Maybe next year.  Or shall we do the Christmas Cake walk this year? that would be Monday the 27th December. 

Rights of Way officers; Barry does his SW Parishes but Neil is reluctantly standing down at this AGM as he is having to take on an OU degree course while working full-time. Several of us report problems, it’s really quite easy to do on the CC website, but it is a rather thankless task so it’s quite difficult to motivate people. Bob Fraser (Area Rights of Way Officer) has had two successes recently but they have taken a long time; one was from 2010.  But Libby will vouch for the fact things have improved in the last thirty years. 

But we do have a Christmas Dinner get together to look forward to; which is a first for Camel group.  Thanks to Steve and Mary for making the suggestion and liaising with The Swan, it was obviously a good idea because thirty have booked for Saturday 4th December at 6.30  

Just before we do the election of officers I do have to say a big thank you to Steve and Mary who are now wearing three IT hats as well as being walk leaders.   They have been a mainstay of the group this year and it has been a pleasure working with them.  I’m pleased to say all the Officers have agreed to stay on for another year so I propose to elect the current Officers en bloc and ask for a seconder for that proposal. 



One Cornwall    The amalgamation of the groups into one.  This was first brought up at the 2020 Area AGM held in Cardinham (when we were the hosts, this year’s Area AGM was a zoom meeting).  All groups will have this on their AGM Agenda again this year as it is an ongoing topic; mainly because some groups are struggling due to the lack of volunteers.  It has been looked into several times since and is not proving easy to do or that much easier to administer.  We have been asked for opinions from this meeting to feedback for the Area AGM. 

Walks Books    and newsletters were discussed, again, at the Area Meeting on 4th November.  Everybody misses their ‘book’ but it was decided, for the foreseeable future, it is just not practical to go back to having to plan walks months and months ahead, then there is the printing and posting which is not cost effective either in volunteer time or printing and posting cost. 

Risk Assessment     has to be done as it is a requirement of our insurance company.  They can be downloaded from Assemble ‘Every walk is different, so complete a risk assessment for each one you lead to help you plan and make a note of the steps you are taking to keep walkers safe. After a walk, risk assessments should be stored for three years. Each walk leader can keep their own risk assessments, or groups can choose someone to look after them’.  

Treasurer/Rights of Way     it was discussed at Area whether Rights of Way Officers should be encouraged to claim expenses for a subscription to the Ordnance Survey OS Maps Premium Annual Subscription £23.99/yr.  They are able to claim for paper maps and this is a lot more cost effective.  Expenses claims are made through each group, travelling etc.  But we have to have an area policy really. 

Volunteers Please     All groups would be happy to have more walk leaders of course, they are the most important people!  We love you all!  But the most pressing post to be filled SOON is when Phil Howson of Restormel group stands down at the Area AGM in January as Assistant Area Rights of Way Officer (Planning Applications).  Who he, what does he do? I hear you think.  Well all planning applications that affect a footpath are sent by Cornwall Council to Ramblers (currently Phil Howson) for consultation/comment.  Very Simply Put - Phil Howson forwards to each Rights of Way Officer the ones in their patch and deals with the rest.  The RofW officers send their comments to Phil who puts them on the CC website.  In an ideal world there would be a RofW in each area and Phil would be the conduit only.  So it is a computer driven post; all planning applications are online. 

Area Newsletter and AGM 

Cornwall Area Ramblers AGM     is on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at 2.00 in Liskeard Wesley Methodist Church Hall with a walk organised by Caradon group beforehand.  The Notice will be sent out, mainly by email, with a Newsletter. 

Each group has to do a bit for the Newsletter (like we used to for the Book); by the end of the week please said Geoff.  Any suggestions? please.  We’ll be revising our web page at the same time.