News and Walk Updates

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It sometimes happens that a walk leader will be unable to lead a programmed walk. In this event, the Restormel Group will make every effort to arrange for a fellow walk leader to to take over responsibility for leading the walk.

If this is not possible, we will endeavour to arrange for someone to be present at the walk start point to advise would be walkers of the cancellation.

For up to date information on walks please check the walks finder.




Restormel group has been in existence for over fifty years and currently has 111 members.  Like all groups run by volunteers it has had its ups and down.  As the 2021 AGM approaches it is in a down.   Peter Holloway, the current chair, will be retiring due mainly to ill-health but also, like other committee members, has been rather overwhelmed by the many changes that have occurred over the last couple of years. 

Everything is now web based and on-line, though there are many many advantages, time saving and efficiency, not everyone enjoys it.  But then not many enjoyed the paper pushing old days, would we want to go back to that?   There is actually less administration for each group to do now but some things still have to be done like having an AGM. 

The AGM starts at 2.00pm in the Polgooth Inn after a short walk and lunch.  Or just come along for the meeting, or the walk, or the lunch. 

AGENDA    Saturday 27th November 2021 

  • Welcome by the Chairman 
  • Apologies for Absence 
  • Minutes of last year’s AGM and any matters arising
  • Brief Reports from group Officers
  • Election of Officers.  
    Peter Holloway will be standing down so a Chair is the first officer to be elected, according to the Constitution there has to be two other officers ideally a Secretary and a Treasurer.  Cornwall Area officers are available to help, for instance the Area Treasurer could act as the group treasurer and the Area Membership Secretary can contact new members and sends the Newsletter to everyone.  By email of course.  Because everything is online and web based there is lots of assistance available to a new committee.  But there does have to be a committee to be an official group.  So to help the group continue at all and get over this down period please assist it even if just for a limited period. 
  • Any Other Business 
  • Date of Next AGM 

For any queries please phone Mary Livesey on 01726 815239 



Saturday 23rd January, to be hosted by Caradon Group.  Notices with full details will be sent out to all members prior to the AGM.