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At our AGM last year we agreed to donate £400 to Dartmoor National Park for a project.
We had also volunteered to way mark some of the Dartmoor Way trail.  DNP had requested that we help cover some of the costs of laying board walks at Throwleigh in a well known marshy, boggy area that would form part of that trail.
The work appeared to be done whilst the park was closed and there will be a ceremony later in the year when people can gather in larger groups.
Barbara, my Footpath Secretary and myself had a walk a week ago to have a look and take some photos.
Chair of Moorland Group.


Exeter are commencing some "start-up" walks from the 5th July. Details of these walks and booking details can be viewed by following this link. Oue latest newsletter.


We posted our new (April to October) programme online and to other members in the post just at the time of lock-down.  Although we all want to get back together and enjoy the social and health aspects of group walks, our committee decided to delay any attempt at the Ramblers promotion of ‘small group walks’ for a month or so.  With only six walkers including the leader(s), written risk assessment, booking system and register we felt that it was too little ‘gain for the pain’.  With football and cricket matches resuming, pubs and holiday accommodation opening and outdoor gyms we feel it is time that the Government increased the number of people, from different households, who can meet up out of doors for exercise.  Perhaps we should lobby our MPs?  We admire the Exeter and District group’s July programme and may contact them for feedback.  As with most groups, since we were allowed to drive again, a number of our members have met up in small groups and walked as friends, sometimes using the outing as the opportunity to recce a new walk or to do a walk that they would have been leading on our current programme.

Our April committee meeting consisted of an e-mail exchange of reports and documents as some of us did not wish or would not have been able to run a Zoom meeting or similar.  We plan to have a similar meeting at the end of July.

Maggi has been invaluable in posting numerous pictures and titbits of information on our Facebook page and liaising with Celia on the Twitter and publicity front.  Thanks to all who have supplied the feed for Facebook, we hope it helps members to feel ‘connected’.  We also put out news releases on the 26th April and the 11th June, covering, ‘Roam Sweet Home’ and Devon Photo Competition and managed to get coverage in both the North Devon Journal and the North Devon Gazette.

Finally, we would like to welcome the four new members who have joined the North Devon Group in the past month.  We hope to meet up with you very soon when we resume group walks.

Joan Long

North Devon Group Chairman

Watch this space as more Groups add detail in the coming days and weeks of things going on where they live in Devon.