Walking with Dogs

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​Dogs on walks

Groups vary on accepting dogs on led walks but most have some walks that are suitable for dogs and these are marked online as dog friendly.

Walking a dog with the East Devon Group

​Well behaved dogs are welcome on many of our walks but it is up to the individual leader to allow dogs on their walks or not.  Walks where dogs are not allowed are marked 'Assistance dogs only'.  Many linear walks are marked 'Dogs by arrangement' because of the car-sharing required on these walks.

Some points to bear in mind: ​​ 

  • Dogs must be kept on a short lead and under close control.
  • Dogs (and owners) must be able to negotiate stiles and other obstacles without the aid of others.  Even if the walk is advertised as dog friendly, it doesn't mean that all stiles will have doggy gates on them.
  • Owners are expected to bag and bin their dog's poo; you can use any public waste bin or take it home to your own bin.  This is especially important on agricultural land because, for example, a parasite found in dog faeces called Neospora can cause pregnant cows and sheep to abort.
  • Please see Ramblers Walking with Dogs for some useful guidance for walking near livestock and for meeting aggressive dogs. You can also download the Countryside Code Leaflet: The Dog Walking Code.