Report Footpath Problems

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If you encounter problems with footpaths, broken stiles, obstructions, overgrown access etc then please contact either:- Jon Bennett or Mike Kelly at the following email addresses.

Well Done Devon County Council

This footpath (Marwood Footpath No.1) near to Blakewell Mill had subsided and was overgrown last July.  When we walked it this week (February 2021) work had been done to repair the holes and cut back the growth.  Thanks again.


On the Tarka Trail near Fremington was a very old and "rikety" set of steps beside a railway tunnel. They were very difficult to negotiate and impossible for the less able or families with young children. After consultation, they have now been replaced (a few yards further away) with a wide gentle sloping path easily negotiated. It is now possible to use paths towarts Penhill Point, the shingle beach and Fremington Quay with pleasant views along the estuary.

Please try and provide as much detail as possible such as Grid reference, Footpath No, Parish and even a photo will help! Doing this will make the task of  pursuing the complaint with the correct authorities quicker and easier to rectify. You can download a report form and send it in with your complaint with as much detail as you can supply. If you have a problem with providing all of the information requested from you do not worry, telephone the contact number on the Home page for the North Devon Group.


There appears to be an increase in temporary footpath closures in our area. These are normally because of Health & Safety issues in connection with building works or serious footpath problems. These closure orders last for a maximum of six months, after which the order can be renewed. If you require further information contact one of our footpath officers.

Working to maintain the Footpath

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