In Case of Emergency and Incident Reporting

In Case of Emergency and Incident Reporting Process

In Case of Emergency

The ‘In Case of Emergency card’ allows you to fill in your emergency contact details and important medical information. Always carry it with you on walks so that it can be accessed in case of emergency.  If something should happen on a walk, the card will enable the walk leader or emergency services to know about any medical conditions and who to contact. The waterproof card is available from Walks Coordinators or it can be downloaded and printed from the Walk Leader toolkit on the Ramblers’ website using the following URL:

Ramblers Assoc. Insurance Toolkit

The Ramblers’ Insurance Toolkit provides guidance on Insurance and an Incident Report Form, which can be completed online. Other related information, which can be used but is not mandatory, includes a health and safety checklist for working parties and a Recce Report Form.  The following provides a brief summary of the Ramblers Insurance Guide which explains the key elements of the Ramblers Insurance cover and how it applies to Ramblers activities.

How should an incident be reported?


If an incident occurs on a walk and someone needs immediate medical help then the walk leader should ensure the emergency services are called. It is a good idea to register your mobile phone for the 999 text service, in case there is limited reception.

An incident should be reported if it involves:

  • A fatality or someone in a critical or life threatening condition
  • Police involvement or media enquiries
  • Any potential breach of the ‘safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy’.


The Ramblers Head Office should be notified as soon as it is safe to do so.


The Incident Report Form

The person responsible for the activity e.g. the walk leader, will need to complete the 2 page Incident Report Form (see Insurance Toolkit) within 10 days of the incident, as late reporting may invalidate any subsequent claim.  Email the completed form to the Ramblers Head Office.

Please complete an Incident Report Form for any incidents, specifically whenever emergency services have been involved, medical assistance has been sought, third party property has been damaged or there has been a near miss.  If in doubt, please report it.

Administering first aid

If an individual on a walk requires first aid, any member of the group can provide assistance until qualified help arrives. There is no danger of compromising insurance cover when providing first aid as required. It is better to do something rather than nothing at all. Please visit the Ramblers website for first aid advice.


Don’t forget to update it regularly.