Treasurer's News

Income & Expenditure for the year 2017-2018

Money is seen as boring and provided there is sufficient in the kitty why concern yourself!

Ramblers are a charity with approximately 102,000 members and have to comply with rules laid down by the Charity Commissioners. In essence that means that they should live within their income and use funds wisely and in line with their stated objectives.

Income for financial year                2016 - 2017                   2015 - 2016

Total income                                      £9.6m                               £9.6m
Member subscriptions                         £2.8m                                £2.8m
Legacies                                              £1.1m                                £1.7m
​Monies collected for social activities
​and holidays                                        £2.2m                                 £2.1m

Total expenditure                              £9.0m                                £9.3m
Walking programmes                          £3.6m                                £3.8m
​Monies collected for social activities
​and holidays                                        £2.2m                                £2.1m
Governance costs                               £523,000                           £587,000                                    

At a Group and Area level the Charity Commission rules are interpreted as not having more than one year’s expenditure in hand unless there is a project in a future year than can be identified and the money “designated” for that project. Typically, in Devon, money is carried forward to pay Public Enquiry cost of disputed paths or a reprint of a walking publication. Legacy money may have “restricted” use.

Each year, Groups request an amount to run their activities or accept a sum based upon capitation or decide not to ask for funding. Budgets and request for finance are consolidated into an Area bid for funds. In the past few years the bid from Devon Area has been fully funded but the bid for 2017 - 2018 was reduced to bring the total, taking into account reserves and designated funds, to no more than 100% of annual expenditure. This has resulted in some Groups having to review their planned activities.

Self-funded activities such as holidays, day walks and socials should aim to break-even individually and across all such activities during the year. 

Full details of the Ramblers Annual Report and Accounts can be found on the Ramblers web site. (Search for Annual Report and Accounts).