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If you would like information on how you can help within Devon contact the Area Secretary

Thank you!

Current volunteering opportunities. You do not have to be a Ramblers member to assist with some of these practical activities that will benefit all our fellow walkers.

Devon Area needs volunteers urgently to ensure that we continue to run efficiently. We are looking for volunteers who can offer the skills and energy to carry out these rewarding roles. The roles include attendance at Area Council meetings 4 times each year. Lots of help is available for induction into the role and Ramblers offer good training

Minutes Secretary

This is an opportunity for someone to take notes and produce the minutes of our Annual General Meeting and our 3 Area Council meetings each year.

Area Footpath Secretary

Our current Area Footpath Secretary is seeking to step down at the 2021 AGM. The work involves maintaining an overview of the footpath protection work carried out by our groups, and servicing 2 meetings of group footpath officers each year.

Area Footpath Secretary Role Description

Other volunteer roles are as follows:

The Dartmoor Way. With the cycling route around the Moor now open, attention is turning to the footpath route. Volunteers will be needed to assist with waymarking the route which extends to over 100 miles. We will be working in partnership with Dartmoor National Park to ensure that waymarks are attached to every post and structure along the route.  Creating a Way Marked route around Dartmoor will enable more walkers to access some beautiful landscape and the historic towns and villages. The route will be circular, unusual in the UK, and will certainly be an attractive asset for walkers. It has the potential to become a well-used trail.  To register yourself as a Volunteer email Michael Owen our Project Manager or read more on our project pages.

The Two Moors Way The project is seeking to recruit volunteers. They are looking for persons who would like to contribute to the project in terms of some volunteering, in terms of monitoring the route, IT skills and administrative skills. If anyone is interest in offering their skills, it will be much appreciated and John Howell would be happy to discuss the opportunities with them.

Area Council.  We have vacancies for Individual Members on Area Council. You do not have to be involved in any of our other activities, or be on a group committee, all you need is to be a Ramblers member. We have 3 Area Council meetings each year, held on a Saturday morning, and you would be provided with papers for the meeting and be able to speak and vote on our business. It is a great way of finding out more qabout how we are run.

Path Maintenance. We do not have our own work parties, but support Devon County Council, Dartmoor National Park and other organisations with their maintenance work. Opportunities will be advertised on here as we are notified of them.