Getting to the Start of a Route


There are various ways to navigate to the walk start point, with minimum hassle.

Items marked * below are given in our weekly email which contains all the details for the walk.

If you have a smartphone you have these options, one of which will need to be downloaded:

  • Use the ViewRanger free app with the ViewRanger route id*. This is the easiest and most accurate option.
  • Use the Ramblers free app with the walk name*. 
  • Use the What Three Words free app with the identifying three words*.

These options are described in the next section below.

Alternatively, if you have satnav in your car:

  • enter the Latitude* and Longitude*, usually referred to as "Coordinates". If you enter these and find the destination is outside the UK try switching them over as they may be the wrong way round.

Or, if you don't have a smartphone or satnav, then you are going to need:

  • OS Grid Reference*. 
  • Post Code* - this should not solely be used because the area covered can be very large in sparsely populated areas. The post code can be used in most satnav systems to get you close to the start point. Then you should use the grid reference to find the exact start point.

ViewRanger is a free app for smartphones and PCs. It allows you to record routes and follow pre-existing routes.

Our routes are plotted using ViewRanger and there is an option to use it to satnav to the route start (within a few feet) using Google Maps or Apple Maps.

The link below will take you to the instructions which are in .pdf format. instructions.pdf

In the Ramblers app, once you have found the walk, just click on the start point and again on the next page and you have the option to satnav to that point using Google Maps or Apple Maps.


What Three Words is a free app. Once you have entered the three words which identify the start location, select "navigate" and you have the option to satnav to that point using Google Maps or Apple Maps.