Walking Guidance


Rambling is a very low risk activity and in our ten years of walking I'm unaware of any significant accidents or injuries.

However, here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your walk

Before the walk

  • Walkers must be 18+.
  • Walkers intending to meet the group at the walk start are advised to text or email the Walk Leader in advance - in case of last minute changes or cancellation.
  • Choose a grade of walk suitable to your level of fitness and expertise. If unsure of the suitability of a walk, you should contact the Walk Leader beforehand. It is not always possible to shorten a walk if you find it too difficult.
  • Inform the Walk Leader of any medical condition that could affect your ability to complete the walk before you start.
  • Check the weather beforehand and think about what you should bring:
    • Warm and waterproof clothing. If in doubt check out our Clothing Guidance.
    • Avoid unsuitable clothing e.g. denims and trainers.
    • Boots are recommended for ankle support and protection
    • Water and emergency food (e.g. chocolate or other sugary food) in case you need an energy boost
    • A small/medium rucksack can be useful for extra clothing, etc.
    • Any medication that you require for personal use.
    • Sun protection
  • Dogs are welcome but be aware that you are likely to encounter free ranging livestock, e.g. cows; horses; deer; etc.
  • If you have a smartphone you may wish to download the app What3Words. This will give you your position in the form of three words, e.g. bike.angry.yellow. This has various uses, see below. (W3W is satellite based so no phone signal is required.)

During the Walk

  • You are responsible for your own safety
  • Our regular Leader carries a First Aid kit and emergency energy bars. Guest leaders are unlikely to have these items.
  • Stay within sight or hailing distance of the Walk Leader or, if there is one, the Back Marker.
  • Do not leave the walk, e.g. to take a photo, without informing the Walk Leader or Back Marker.
  • You are likely to encounter stiles which can be wet, slippery and linked to barbed wire fencing - take care!
  • In the unlikely event that you get separated from the group:
    • if you have a phone, call the Leader;
    • if you can't make contact, stay where you are or return to the last point at which you were with the group.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, the What3Words app will identify your location which can be given to the Leader or the emergency services and will locate you to within a few metres. Handy if a helicopter evacuation is needed!!
  • If the Emergency Services are needed, call 112 before 999. This is independent of network providers and is more likely to get through.