4050 Dog Walking Policy

Dorset 4050 Walkers

Walking with Dogs policy


We have been considering and debating the question of walking with dogs in relation to our group for some time now, it has caused much debate and consultation; We are not anti-dog but experience has taught us to be careful with dogs (even well trained ones) when walking through the countryside.  

Most of our walks cross farm land, which, means that we frequently encounter farm animals and whilst a dog may be well behaved (trained) there is no knowing how livestock will react/ behave towards it.

Also, many of our walks are close to cliff edges (in places). Both of the above situations have presented risks to and caused concern amoungst our members. 

We also expect dog owners to note the following; 

  • All serious accidents involving animals notified to the UK Ramblers, involved dogs (so far).
  • The Countryside and Right of Way Act, states that the public access to open land with a dog is permitted, provided dogs are kept on a fixed lead of 2 metres or less near livestock.
  • That under the Animals Act 1971, farmers are within their rights to kill or injure dogs if they are believed to be causing distress to livestock.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to run amongst walker’s legs.
  • Dogs may be permitted on our walks if the walk leader, confirms to the chairman, that they have spoken with tthe owner ((of the dog in question) at length), discussed risks to the dog, walkers, livestock and to the public and that they are content for said dog to be included in the walk.
    • Upon review the chairman may overide the walk leader's decision.   

In light of the above the Dorset 4050 Walkers (general policy on this matter), is to restrict dogs on its walks to Assistance Dogs only.

Created 18th June 2016.