4050 Officers/ Roles & DPA

Last updated Jan 2022


Chairman                                     Dave Roberts   

Secretary                                     Hillary Jordan

Walk Coordinator                         Dave Roberts/Ann Dimmock

Webmaster                                  Dave Roberts/Ann Dimmock

Finance Officer                            Ann Dimmock

Membership Secretary                Andy Trickett

Social Media (Facebook)             Lisa Finch

Social Secretary                          Julia Kelly

Non-portfolio Members               Jackie Elbaz

                                                    Chris White


Contact us:

email - Dorset4050@hotmail.co.uk

Officers outline roles & responsibilities:


To promote the aims of the Group by ensuring that discussion and decision-making in the Group are conducted in an efficient, friendly and inclusive manner. To identify and promote opportunities for the Group to contribute and make a difference to the local walking environment. To ensure that the committee has a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Facilitating disciplined meetings and building links with committee members, the Chair keeps the wheels of the committee oiled and moving.

  • An ability to motivate and engage with fellow volunteers on the committee and to encourage discussions in meetings.
  • Well-organised and reliable.
  • Discussing the agenda with the Group Secretary and deciding the order of agenda items.
  • Facilitating a culture of open, respectful discussion where all those who are keen to contribute are given the opportunity to do so.
  • Arranging the casting of votes on agenda items where necessary, and exercising the chair’s casting vote if required.



The Secretary holds a pivotal position in the Group, and keeps the Group Committee running effectively. 

  • Well-organised and good at administration.
  • Takes a lead role in developing the Group’s work and raising its profile.
  • Team-player, able to build good relationships with other office-holders, especially the Group Chair. 
  • Aware of the contributions in time and energy of fellow volunteers.
  • Arrange Group meetings and the AGM as required by the constitution.
  • Act as primary point of contact for the Group.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of Group Office Holders and submit meeting minutes and updates to the Area Secretary as necessary.
  • Gather together relevant documents (eg. previous meetings minutes, reports from Office Holders, bulletins) and circulate to members in time for meetings.
  • Monitor the actions agreed at the last meeting to ensure that progress is being made.


Walk Coordinator:

To co-ordinate the compilation of a varied programme of walks on behalf of the Dorset4050 Walkers group; the programme shall contain sufficient variety to be attractive and accessible to the group’s membership.

  • Compile and publish a rolling programme of walks for the group.
  • Liaisie with the 4050 committee and members to establish the a viable programme of walks, for the group.
  • Encourage members to become Walk Leaders. 



Develop and maintain the group webpage; this role includes the following duties;

  • Build or assist in the development of the group webpage
  • Manage said webpage, perform continual maintenance; including but not limited to links and database
  • Ensure said webpage operates and complies with the UK Ramblers systems design, structure and architecture
  • Ensure that walks are published on the Dorset4050 Walkers Website, and are therefore available to the Ramblers Walks Finder, so that existing and potential members have a full range of walks to choose from. 


Finance Officer:

Oversee the finances of the Group. To complete the annual budgeting process and carry out ongoing accounting, feeding in to the Group AGM and annual return to central office.

  • Presenting financial information to the Committee, Group members and at the Group AGM. 
  • Key member of the Group committee and is charged with ‘holding the purse strings".
  • Planning the Group’s expenditure for the upcoming year and liaising with the Area Treasurer as necessary.
  • Ensuring the accountability of the Group through preparing annual budgets, approving expenditure, paying bills, ongoing accounting and annual financial reporting.


Membership Secretary:

Keep track of the group's membership numbers and trends that may have an overall impact on the group. Ensure new or prospective members are given a warm welcome to the Group, and are made aware of the opportunities to get involved.

  • Play a part in helping the membership of the Group and Ramblers to grow. 
  • Good communication skills that will encourage new members to join and existing members to stay. 
  • An understanding of the data protection Act in relation to handling personal data.
  • Ensure new members to the Group receive a welcome letter/email that explains the group’s activity, walks programme, achievements, and opportunities to get involved.
  • Update membership information quarterly. §
  • Receive monthly Membership reports from your Area Membership Secretary and monitor the growth rate of the group looking for trends or patterns
  • Raise new member recruitment opportunities within the group e.g. at local events.
  • Look to encourage payment pending.


Social Secretary:

Responsible for:

  • Organising periodic Group social events
  • Promoting a greater sense of frienship and general belonging throughout the group.           


Non-Portfolio Members:

Responsible for

  • Picking up up Group one-off tasks.
  • Supporting the Groups officers as and when required.


Group Data & Privacy Policy

The group 4050 data policy is the same as the Ramblers HQ Privacy Policy.

To access the Ramblers data privacy policy, cut and paste the following link it to your browser bar at the top of your screen;   


However, after consultation with Ramblers HQ, one amendment to this policy (as it currently stands) has been made, to better clarify the legislation and the Ramblers guidance, relating to internal/ closed group communications.

The amendment to the above policy and the sending/ responding to emails is;

In addition to the 4050 group data privacy policy (as above); a member's personal data (including their email address) shall not be shown, on communications within the 4050 group, unless, it’s a one-to-one email with said member and other 4050 committee or Ramblers Area/ HQ members need to know or act.


One-to-one emails – shall be sent/ responded to directly with the members email address showing; 4050 committee or Ramblers Area/ HQ members, who need to be aware or act, shall be carbon copied and see the member’s email address.

When more than one group member is included in the email, no personal data shall be shown (including email address), relating to the group’s members; other than 4050 committee and or Ramblers Area/ HQ members, replying to said email and or who need to know/ act upon said email, shall be carbon copied.

The Blank Carbon Copy (BCC) function, shall be used to ensure that group members email addresses are not shown; emails containing only BCC recipients entered, do transmit successfully.