How to Cancel a Walk

The 4050 Group makes every effort to put on the walks published on its website, on their respective due dates; however, there are circumstances (albeit rarely) that necessitates a walk being cancelled.

Dependent upon the circumstances and the amount of time to react the following course of actions shall be undertaken by the Walk Leader;

Invoke your substitute leader; as per How to Plan and Lead walks page;

always have an alternative Walk Leader, as back-up and to act as your back-maker, on the day. 

Notify and appraise both the 4050 Group Chairman and Walk Coordinator

Contact those walkers who have told you that they are going or considering going on the walk in question;

If at all possible, go to the walks meeting point on the due date and in time, to explain and apologise to anyone else who turns up.

The groups Walk Coordinator may replace the scheduled walk with another ((given enough time to publicize the change) usually two weeks).

In the case of the leader failing to arrive at the start of a walk (say because of a traffic hold up or a car break-down) the members who are present may decide to select a suitable volunteer from those present to lead a walk. In practice this may well be another of the Group’s leaders who is present or another member who knows the area.

In such circumstances, the substitute leader would not be obliged to take the route planned by the intended leader and the walk may be shorter than planned but must not be longer; this walk shall still be covered by the Ramblers’ insurance.