Your Health & Fitness

Your Health & Safety

When walking with us, you are responsible for your own health and safety and for judging whether you are sufficiently fit to do the walk. You are expected to follow advice given by the walk leader.

  • If you’re new to rambling:
    • Contact the walk leader, prior to the walk and disuss your fitness/ stamina and recent walking experience, before undertaking a walk.
    • please introduce yourself to the leader at the walk start.
  • If you have a recurrent sudden medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy please advise the walk leader on the day, giving advice on any immediate treatment that may be required and whether you carry medication with you.
  • Store an emergency contact in the address book on your mobile under ICE (In Case of Emergency), or on a card.
  • In winter or wet weather, wear boots with at least one pair of thick socks. In summer strong trainers are acceptable.
  • You should always carry drink with you - with more in hot weather - and also carry a snack.
  • Listen to the area forecast and dress or bring clothing that is appropriate.
  • It is sensible to carry a few small first aid items for scratches, blisters and insect bites such as antiseptic, plasters and antihistamine cream.
  • When walking on roads observe the Highway Code. In particular, use a pavement if possible; otherwise walk in single file on the right, except around blind bends before which you should cross to the other side.
  • Crossing busy roads – find a safe place and take your time, the leader will wait.
  • All gates which were closed when the group arrived should be shut by the last person going through.
  • Wobbly or slippery stiles: take time and always use your hands as much as possible to support you.
  • Another hazard can be cattle: give bulls a wide berth and don’t get between a cow and its calf.