25th Anniversary

Kirkcaldy Ramblers 25th Anniversary

Sunday 27th November, 2016

An approximation.....

30 walks per year for 25 years = 750 walks

8 miles per walk = 6000 miles

12 members per walk = 72,000 miles walked

1 mile walking equates to around 2000 steps.

So even after 144,000,000 steps, we're still in Kirkcaldy.

But time has marched on and Kirkcaldy Group have reached their 25th Anniversary.


We enter a article after each of our walks, in the  Fife Free Press, Community News, Kirkcaldy section.  

The article below was entered on Thursday 1st December 2016, following our 25th Anniversary Walk.


Kirkcaldy Ramblers Group celebrated their 25th Anniversary on Sunday 27th November with a walk and an evening meal. The walk was a repeat of the group’s inaugural walk starting from Dunnikier House car park, heading north along the side of the golf course to cross over the busy A92 by the footbridge and continuing through Johnny Marshall’s Loan to the River Ore. The day was sunny and calm and absolutely brilliant for walking. A slight easing in temperatures had caused a slight thaw and conditions underfoot were a bit slippery in places compelling walkers to pay close attention to where they were placing their feet. Everything went well, however, as the group headed along the bank of the river in the direction of Thornton before turning south on the track recently constructed for the wind turbines, re-crossing the A92 and returning by the east side of the golf course to the car park. Dunnikier Golf Club was the venue for the evening meal where those who did not do the walk joined the group. Past members had been invited and everyone had an opportunity to get re-acquainted and catch up on what they had been doing since the last time they had met. Before starting the meal, Ros thanked Liz and the committee for all their work in organising the day’s events and welcomed Brendan Paddy from Ramblers Scotland to our celebration. For their long service to the group, Brendan presented ‘Ramblers Volunteer Recognition Certificates’ to Liz and Bill who have both now served for many years on general committee and official posts. Andy Shaw, who had been the first chairman, gave a short resume of the group’s early days with its problems, disappointments and ultimately its final success. The meal itself was, once again, very well prepared and served. The group always enjoy the way they are treated at the golf club and the excellent quality of the food presented. After the meal and over tea / coffee which accompanied a piece of the 25th anniversary cake Brendan gave a short address. He thanked the group for inviting him to what had been such a pleasant event and congratulated them  for the direction they were taking with their activities. The benefits to health derived from walking are agreed upon by all Health Authorities. Kirkcaldy Ramblers are doing well by organising such activity and supporting other walking groups within the area such as Langtoun Daunderers, Medal Routes and Bums Off Seats etc. He continued by presenting a brief outline on what Ramblers Scotland were doing and how they were planning for the future. 

The next Kirkcaldy Ramblers outing is on Saturday 3rd December for the ‘Auchtermuchty / Lumquat Circular’ walk. For further details call Brian on 01592 784553 or visit  ‘www.ramblers.org.uk/kirkcaldy’

The route followed by Kirkcaldy Ramblers 25 years ago and again on Sunday 27th November 2016.

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