Trip to Yorkshire Dales 2019

32 members went away to the Yorkshire Dales for a mid-week stay in Hawes in Wensleydale between 30 September and 4 October. 

Ramblers goup at Hawes We stayed in a variety of hotel, B&B and self-catering accommodation but got together for several group meals in the evenings.

Group dinner in the Fountain Hotel Group dinner in the Fountain Hotel

Two walks were organised for each day of our stay, but members also took advantage of their visit to take in some of the many tourist sites in the area.

On Tuesday one group went to the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail.  The recent rains ensured that the many falls on the trail were at their roaring best.  We walked up Swilla Glen beside the River Twiss before arriving at Pecca Falls.  Walkers on bridge over Pecca Falls  We continued to the even more spectacular Thornton Force falls where we stopped for coffee.Thornton Force waterfallCoffee break at Thornton Force We crossed over open moorland from the valley of the Twiss into that of the River Doe, where we passed Beezely Falls and Triple SpoutBeezely Falls and Triple Spout before venturing on to the bridge to gaze into the depths of Baxenghyll Gorge.Walkers on bridge over Baxenghyll Gorge

 Not to be left out of a waterfall treat, a second party enjoyed a walk from Aysgarth Falls to Castle Bolton - in spite of the less than ideal weather.Aysgarth Falls

The following day could not have been more different weather-wise - a beautiful fine sunny autumn day.  A large group drove to the village of Malham for a choice of walks to the spectacular limestone sites of Gordale Scar and Malham Cove.Walkers at Malham villageWalkers near Malham We first visited Janet's Foss waterfallJanet's Foss before continuing on to Gordale Scar, where we had a coffee break after admiring the limestone amphitheatre and the waterfall.Waterfall n Gordale Scar Walkers leaving Gordale Scar We climbed up the path out of Gordale Scar towards Malham Cove,Climbing out of Gordale Scar with great views over the typical drystone walled fields and barns of the Dales.Drystone walls and barns near Malham At a point above the top of Malham Cove, we split into two groups. Where the groups separated above Malham Cove One group skirted the top of the cove to begin their descent to the bottom, while the second group continued over moor and pasture towards Malham Tarn.Walkers heading towards Malham Tarn After our lunch stop we arrived on the limestone pavement above the Cove.Limestone pavement above Malham Cove Walkers on limestone pavement We then began our seemingly endless descent of the 400+ steps to the foot of the Cove.Walkers descending steps at Malham Cove   At the bottom of the steps we spent time admiring the sheer face of the CoveMalham Cove before returning to the cars in Malham village.

A third group of adventurous members spent the day climbing Ingleborough, one of the celebrated Three Peaks of the Dales.

Walkers in ravine on Ingleborough Walkers at summit of Ingleborough

Thursday was overcast but dry and one group drove to Grassington to walk to the village of Hebden.  We then returned to Grassington beside the River Wharfe by way of Linton.Walkers by River Wharfe Walkers approaching Linton Linton Falls

A second group spent Thursday walking from Buckden onto Yockenthwaite Moor, before descending to Yockenthwaite and returning along the Dales Way through Hubberthorpe back to Bukden.Walkers above Buckden Walkers above Buckden Dales country near Yockenthwaite Walkers taking a break near Yockenthwaite

Everyone had a thoroughly good time and enjoyed the Dales countryside.  Grateful thanks are due to Paula Bowman, Cathy Creedican, John Andrews, Jill Pontin and Lynn & Dick Salvin who organised the trip and planned, recced and led the walks

Photos by Pete Trant, Tom Reid, Trevor Abell & Angela Bates