Walking with Cleeve

We produce three walks programmes each year. Longer walks, 7-10 miles typically, are led every Sunday, and on the first Wednesday of each month, we have a shorter walk that ends with a pub/cafe lunch.

Sunday walks may begin up to 25 miles from Cheltenham, whereas the shorter Wednesday walk is usually closer to home.

Unless indicated otherwise all walks start at 10 A.M. Sunday walks often include a picnic lunch

Walks program March 2019/June 2019

The printed program is correct only at the time of printing. You should always refer to the website for the most up-to-date details.

Notes for new walkers

If you would like to join us, then it is only necessary to get to the start and introduce yourself to the leader. Prospective members can walk with us up to three times before joining.

Walk leaders will have done a recce in advance, so the distance and difficulty level is reasonably accurate.

The start point is given by a post code and an O.S. grid reference. Bear in mind that the post code is the nearest post code, and may be some distance from the actual start point.

If you haven't walked for some time, then try a short and easy walk first.

Walk gradings are provided as a general guide only. If you have any doubt about your fitness, then contact the leader in advance.

Bear in mind that there is always the possibility of unexpectedly difficult terrain or conditions. Walking boots are essential, as is suitable clothing for variable weather conditions.

Only registered assistance dogs may accompany walkers.

Walk organisation

Cleeve group create three walks programmes each year. These run from March-June, July-October and November-February. Each program is the reponsibility of a Walks co-ordinator, whose tasks include:-

  • Contacting the walk leaders to arrange the date for the walk.
  • Ensuring that the proposed walk details are complete, and are not effectively identical to other imminent walks.
  • Liasising with the Walks editor (Mike Levitt) who will upload the walk details to the web.

During the month prior to a new walks period, a new walks programme will be made available via the news letter and the web site.

Walk leaders

  • Guidelines

Wednesday walks should not be more than 5 miles nor too demanding, and usually end in a pub/cafe for lunch.
Sunday walks are 5 miles or more. Typically 7-9 miles, and occasionally longer. If a picnic lunch is required please state this explicitly in your description.
These are not proscriptive guidelines, and we welcome all walk proposals.
As we need to distribute printed copies of the walks list, leaders should submit their walk details six weeks before the start of the walk period. Thus for the period March-June, please submit before the middle of January.
  • Organising a walk

When you have all the details of your proposed walk available please download this editable form. Open the form with your PDF viewer, complete all the fields, and save it to disk.

Then click on this WalksEditor link to start an email. Attach the form that you have just saved, and ensure the mail is also CC'd to the appropriate walks co-ordinator.

If you are unfamiliar with PDF files, please refer to PDF files

  • Changing/Cancelling a walk

    If you need to change/cancel a walk please email Mike Levitt.
    If you are cancelling at short notice and cannot reach Mike on 07887 794443, then call Gerry O'Driscoll on 07514 138643.
  • After your walk

Please email  Brian Payne to let him know the number attending.

The Ramblers walk leaders toolkit has a comprehensive range of advice and documents available for members.