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A walk with atmosphere - everywhere ! 17 January 2016
snow, mud, ice, mud, mist, mud, fog, mud, rain, mud and then some mud just for a change. And I fell base over apex and would anyone give me the kiss of life? more like the kiss of death with these Ramblers. Even the little Dachshund pulled the old ' I've hurt my paw' trick and got a piggyback. And nobody cared about my poor bruised hand !!!!

It's not really raining for the next three hours - 9 January 2016

Let's go! So we scaled the dizzy heights on Machen Mountain while we had the chance - just made it back to Blackvein Road before it turned nasty again.

A damp day at the seaside - 3 January 2016
The forecast was pretty bad but they couldn't have been more wrong. After a damp start the rain stopped and the the sky cleared. Everywhere is wet underfoot but we had one of those unforgettable days. Swansea Ramblers outnumbered Islwyn but only just. We also had a visitor from Ramblers Cymru who seemed to have a good day out. Finished off in the pub for a nice pint and absolutely amazing chips.

A nice bowl of Chwlli Cwm Carno - 1 January 2016
Oh what a wet and soggy start to the New Year. We didn't go up on the moorland today, it was bad enough down below, in fact there was so much mud I thought I saw a Hippopotamus but it was just a loose Rambler! We made it to lunch at the pub but there's always one - 25 pints of Rhymney and 1 dry martini, shaken not stirred; 25 bean soups and 1 Chwlli Cwm Carno - mind you that Chwlli Cwm Carno is a rare treat made with an unusual capsicum found only in a hidden valley near Carno, Mid-Wales, worth waiting for, though.....
Spring has Sprung, the daffodils are out - 26 December 2015
Our seasonal jaunt to Rhiwderin produced a lot of mud and puddles - and a couple of daffs in full bloom, just a little early. The weather was quite mild and dry - amazing !! so we remembered previous trips through deep snow and ice, the roaring fire in the Rhiwderin Inn wasn't really necessary today.

Did anyone bring Mince Pies??? - 20 December 2015
Well, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing we actually go for our Mince Pie Walk, The only trouble is a world shortage of Mince Pies.... It seems that last year everyone brought them so this year everyone brought sausage rolls - and very nice they were too.... First prize (but only just) goes to Simon for a really spicy sausage - and there were some Mince Pies lurking in the bottom of some rucksacks for afters. So, well done, all of us, for a grand day out !

The Beacons and how to get to the top - 13 December 2015

We had a great walk in the Brecon Beacons on Sunday.
Strong group of 13 who managed all 4 main peaks, Corn Du, Pen y fan, Cribyn and Fan y Big. We walked 10 miles and climbed 2800ft. 
The weather was as forecast, dry all day with fog in the mountains. The views were few and far between but it was lovely and quiet.
Well done to all those who came out to play.
Lovely pint and chips in the Red Cow afterwards.

Well, it is December so we can begin to have fun.......

and we did! at the Three Horseshoes in Pentwynmawr for lunch. The food was great and plentiful, the company was... well, they were Ramblers, say no more, and the organization by Lyn superb ! And as for our splendid rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, X Factor, here we come.... Roll on the next round of festive fun.

Crisp and Even - not very Deep - but it is snow !! - 22 November 2015
A stunning day up the Sugar Loaf, the rain finally stops and we get blue skies, great views and a clear,cold day. Its only 7 miles but after a few weeks off, don't I know it !! One good thing, our new website and its national coverage has already brought us visiting Ramblers.

You can take the ghoul mask off now, Phil - Oh, sorry....    31 October 2015

Now this is more like woodland in the Autumn, up over High Meadow and back down the Gwyddon, loads of browns, golds, yellows, oranges and greens, my five-a-day all in one go. I keep forgetting just how long the forest road is, from the cattle grid down to the barrier. I thought I'd been bewitched and was in an eternal endless loop on the Gwyddon. I'd have asked our leader but she'd flown off on her broomstick.....