Greater Manchester Spatial Framework - Ramblers Submission

Ramblers in the Greater Manchester and High Peak Are have responded to the consultation on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – the GM plan for jobs, homes and the environment.

We share the overall objectives set out by the Mayor, of decent homes and good jobs, and for everyone to have green space to enjoy and clean air to breathe and we are encouraged by the fact that walking and cycling are mentioned from the beginning of the document.

However, in seeking to meet anticipated demand for new housing and employment, despite an explicit preference to develop land already in use or brownfield sites, it is very disappointing to note that greater efforts were not made to produce a plan that has no net impact on the green belt. This version of the plan proposes to release significant less green belt than the previous version, but there will undoubtedly be local campaigns to save areas of green belt that are significant to local communities and we support local Ramblers groups views of those issues.

The vision of Greater Manchester as one of the best places in the world in which to grow up, get on and grow old is admirable and we wholeheartedly agree that the city-region should be a place at the forefront of action on climate change with clean air and a flourishing natural environment.

We also support the commitment to protect and enhance the network of green infrastructure throughout Greater Manchester and to provide green travel routes, enabling more trips to be made by walking and cycling. As the existing network of footpaths and public rights of way are a critical building block of our green infrastructure and are the key means of access to green infrastructure, they should therefore be classed as “Strategic” in planning terms.

For the full submission, follow the link below.